Building Consultations

Domestic Building Consultations

Anyone who has built or renovated a home will tell you that dealing with builders and tradies can be tricky. It's even harder if you have little knowledge of the construction industry. How do you know you can trust what your builder is saying?

Similarly, maybe you've been living in your home for a while now, and have noticed something not quite right, such as cracking/movement, dampness or water leaks, that you're just not sure how to fix.

The solution is to arrange an assessment of your property.


Help in dispute resolution with your builder

If you aren't sure that the workmanship on your home is up to scratch, it's a great idea to have an assessment so an independent expert can provide guidance.

On the other hand, if you are very sure that there has been negligence or shoddy work, a formal assessment will provide the evidence you need to take the matter further.

This might be to present the builder with the evidence, in the form of a report from an independent qualified consultant in an effort to get them to undertake repairs.

Should the building dispute escalate to a higher level we can assist with a Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Report. We can testify as an expert witness on your behalf. Please refer to our Dispute Resolution VCAT page for information on our VCAT services.


Help identify defects in your building

Our experienced Inspectors can provide you with a Consultant's Report on any aspect of your home. We will identify what the issue is, what has caused it, and how it can best be rectified.