Quality Assurance

Building a new House?

Australian homes are built in stages. The stages are defined in the building contract. Before making a progress payment for any stage, you want to know that the builder's work is up to standard. Our Quality Assurance Program will determine if the builder's work is satisfactory by conducting thorough on-site building inspections at any one or all, of the various stages.

In our experience, builders generally ignore requests from their clients for explanations or justification for what appears to you, the client, to be defective work.


Take the worry away with our quality assurance inspections

This service is ideal for those clients or anyone not in a position to monitor the technical aspects of the new construction.

Here is a very small sample of what we inspect at the various stages of construction:

  • Waffle slab pre-slab: Soil profile, bored piers, site cut, site preparation
  • Slab-on-ground pre-slab: Soil profile, siting, edge/stiffening beams
  • Waffle/slab-on-ground reinforcement: Trench & slab mesh, steel bars, vapour barrier
  • Strip footing: Soil profile, siting, reinforcement, stumpholes


What Gets Covered?

  • Structural frame: Quality of materials, workmanship, bracing,
  • Lock-up: Brickwork, sarking, roofing, stairs, workmanship
  • Fixing: Workmanship, standard of installation and materials on doors, cupboards, architraves and skirtings, cabinetry and plumbing fixtures
  • Waterproofing: Substrates and waterproofing to walls and floors
  • Final: Insulation, all finishes such as painting, tiling, cleaning

The above list is indicative only and by no means exhaustive.

 Documents required for our QA Program are:

  • soil report
  • approved plans and specifications
  • roof truss and slab engineering layout
  • engineer designs
  • building permit  

For clients who book three or more stages, we offer a discounted rate.



Please call our office on 1300 558119 for more information or to arrange your Quality Assurance Inspection.


Click here to download a sample Quality Assurance Final Report in PDF format (125 KB)