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Inspection services include;
Pre-Purchase home inspections. Budget verbal or full written reports with colour photographs. Ideal for first or second home buyers. Servicing local and overseas property investors. Quality Assurance. Pre-Progress Payment inspections for new homes. Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessments. Suitable for Owner-Builders, Draftsmen, Architects, Building designers and Building suveyors. Owner-Builder Reports. Mandatory requirement prior to selling. Dispute Resolution. Expert Witness for VCAT and other courts. Other services. Asbestos identification, Rising damp, High unhealthy humidity levels, Safety barriers to spas and pools, Disabled access. Video. Video Reports are available for most inspections, see below. Please click on our services pages above for more information.


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Our experience in architectural drafting, statutory building inspections and as registered builders is invaluable in the assessment of current building practices and the evaluation of existing domestic and other types of buildings.



We have also recently won the 'Private Building Inspector of the Year 2005' award for our 'Contribution in advancing the profession' from the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS).



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Video Inspection Reports are available for most building inspections. Commentary in the video describes the external, each room and any defects found in the building. This video service is designed to give you, our valued client, both a general and detailed view of the building. Video Inspection Reports may be used together with written Reports.


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Australia wide for the cost of a local fax. 1300 736-134


Fax machines are easy to use, widely available and compared to e-mail more secure. Please feel free to use the number above to relay your message to us including requests for particular photo’s you want included in your Building Inspection Report.



Australia wide for the cost of a local call. 1300 558-119


Should you wish to discuss your requirements directly with the Building Inspector assigned to your project please use the numbers above during normal business hours.


Servicing Brisbane to Gold Coast, Melbourne (all suburbs) and Geelong


The following free informative publications are now available, just click on the link below.

1-Building Permits.

2-Swimming Pools & Spas.

3-Maintenance of Balconies.

4-Standards & Tolerances.

5-VCAT-Expert Witness.

6-Sample Pre-Purchase Inspection Report.

7-Sample Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment.