Melbourne Pest Inspection

Why you should get a termite inspection

Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your property and are more likely to cause damage to your home than floods or fires!  Because termites live in colonies, they can multiply quickly and with a reliable source of food (your house), they can break off into multiple colonies on one property. An infestation can cause structural damage in your walls and floors, as termites consume and weaken the wood. Signs of damage can be hard to spot, and in some cases, it looks like damp or water damage.


Our experts know the difference, and use specialised equipment to test your property for signs of infestation. This is why a termite inspection by a specialist is essential – so you know for sure if your property is at risk before it’s too late. 


Just Inspector Pest Inspectors are licenced, insured and experienced in using our special detection units. This means your property will be checked properly, so you can understand the risks and what can be done about it.




What a termite inspection includes

A termite and pest inspection will help you understand if your property currently has termites, pests or if nests are present.  Just Inspections will also help you identify any past activity, and importantly, any conditions that may lead to pest issues in the future. 


Our Melbourne Pest Inspector will assess all accessible areas of your property including:


  • floors
  • walls
  • electrics
  • plumbing
  • ceilings
  • the roof
  • trees
  • carpentry
  • joinery
  • roof cavities
  • floor cavities
  • garden sheds
  • pool fences
  • fences
  • paving
  • windows
  • doors
  • pet doors
  • gutters
  • decks
  • ventilation
  • insulation
  • security and locks

Our Pest Inspectors will even check the trees, boundary fences and retaining walls on the property, because this is how termites and pests travel from someone else's home to yours.


Just Inspections will identify mould in wet areas and dampness as this can attract and encourage the infestation of termites and wood borers.  We will also check for leaks, poor drainage or plumbing that could release water to increase the chance of preventing termite and pest infestations. Our Melbourne Pest Inspectors will also use Thermal Imaging Technology to assess exposed timber for indications of termite or pest infestation.




Benefits of getting a pest inspection with a building inspection

Our qualified Pest Inspectors work together with our Building Inspectors across Melbourne for a complete and thorough review of your home before you buy. Just Inspections will check all aspects of the property, including the roof space and under floor areas when accessible.


We look for active termites, or previous colonies that have weakened the building structure. We also check for other pests such as borers. We consider the likelihood of a potential termite attack in future and provide recommendations.


Our inspectors complete checks to the Australian Standard AS 4349.3 and are fully covered by public indemnity insurance.      




Pest Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to check specific areas?

Yes – whilst our Melbourne Pest and Termite Inspections are extensive, please let us know if there are areas you are concerned about and we will ensure we pay extra attention to that area.


How long will it take to get a pest and termite inspection?

We are usually able to be at the property within 48 hours to complete the pest and termite inspection. Written reports are then provided one business day after the inspection.


Can you complete a termite and pest inspection if the property is furnished?

Yes – our inspectors will do everything possible to check behind appliances and furniture to identify and past, current or potential areas of concern behind them.




Pest and Termite Inspections Melbourne

A pest and termite inspection can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of stress.  Our separate qualified Pest Inspector will attend the inspection with our Building Inspector to check for termites, pests, borers and vermin to Australian Standard AS 4349.3.