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Whether you have questions about a 137B Owner Builder Report, Property Inspection or New Construction QA Report – Just Inspections has the answers

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Pre Purchase Home Inspection FAQs

Why should we get our property inspection with Just Inspections?

At Just Inspections, our inspectors are all licensed and registered builders, and licenced and registered building inspectors.

How much does a property inspection cost?

Each quote is tailored to the property’s unique circumstances.

These can include factors like:

  • If the property is on stumps or a concrete slab
  • If the property is single storey, double storey or split level
  • How many rooms and bathrooms there are
  • How old the property is
  • If there has been additional works done to the property
  • The location of the property

For this reason, we want to ensure we have a good understanding of your property so you can receive an accurate property inspection quote. 

You can rest assured that when you receive a quote from Just Inspections, there won’t be 101 hidden costs or add ons.

So contact us today for a quote.

How long does it take to get a property inspection report?

At Just Inspections, we are able to email property inspection reprots the next business day.

What kind of report is best for my property and situation?

Just Inspections offer a wide range of property inspection services, and will have the right service for you.

If you’re unsure which inspection service you need, please review our inspection and dispute resolution services, or get in touch with one of the team to discuss your particular needs and what type of report is best for your property.

Is the report typed or hand written?

We offer both verbal and typed reports, depending on your requirements.

We just want a quick cheap property inspection to tell us if the property is structurally sound - which of your services is best suited for this?

You can arrange a verbal report, which is a budget friendly option.

You still get an expert checking out your property, but don’t get a written detailed report.

Our expert will tell you the results of the assessment either in person at the property or via telephone.

Why do you only offer a verbal, and not a full written, report for homes older than 30 years?

Unfortunately we cannot document every rusty nail and crack, which is more common in older homes.

However, if we find a major structural defect in the building we would still document this so that you can then make an informed decision and cancel the sale, if you wish.

How do we arrange access to the property for the inspection?

For pre-purchase inspections, we will arrange access to the property through your real estate agent directly.

We signed the contract subject to a satisfactory building inspection. Does this cover us if we do not want to go ahead with the purchase?

The Sales Act dictates that a contract can be cancelled only if a ‘major structural defect’ is found. We always recommend a building inspection before you sign the contract or before your cooling off period expires.

If you’re in the process of buying a property and would like to find out how Just Inspections can help you with your Pre Purchase Insection, you can contact us now or arrange a free quote below.

Owner-Builder (137B) Reports FAQs

As Owner-Builder all the Council and other Building Inspections have been done. Why do I now have to arrange yet another Inspection before I sell my home?

This is a legal requirement for all owner builders under the Sales Act. Contact us for a quote on owner builder inspections.

What is the cost of an Owner-Builder Report?

The cost of an Owner-Builder Report is determined mainly by the size of the project. Free quotations are available by phone or email.

Will I also need Warranty Insurance?

Domestic projects of $16,000.00 or more in value, as stated on the Building Permit, require Warranty Insurance. Our inspection service includes assistance with contacting warranty insurance providers. Domestic projects of less than $16,000.00 in value require a report only. Commercial/industrial projects of any value require a report only, no insurance.

If you’d like to find out how Just Inspections may be able to help you with your Owner Builder Report, you can contact us now or arrange a free quote below.

Additional Property Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

The Inspection is urgent. When can it be done?

Urgent inspections can generally be arranged within one or two business days – however if we can get someone there the same day, we will.

When can I have my Building Inspection Report?

If required, we can call you with a brief verbal overview of the inspection as soon as it has been completed. Typed reports are generally emailed the next business day.

What are your terms of trading?

Payment for inspections is due on the day of the inspection, prior to issue of the inspection report.

How do you want to be paid?

We accept Visa or MasterCard, or direct bank transfer.

What qualifies you to do these inspections and reports?

Our team of experts are all highly qualified inspectors, registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), with many years of experience in the industry and in various kinds of property inspections.

After the Pre-Purchase Inspection could you advise us if and how we can best extend or renovate our house?

After the inspection we will have a good idea of the structure and suitability of the house for renovation or extension and, keeping current building regulations in mind, will be able to advise you of the best way to improve your property.

What areas do you service?

Metropolitan Melbourne and Geelong.

If you’d like to find out how Just Inspections can help you with your property inspections, please contact us now or arrange a free quote below.