Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

Help with VCAT disputes

If you are in the unfortunate position where you have a dispute with a builder or contractor, we can help.

A dispute is best resolved in the early stages of the disagreement. At this point lines of communication are still open and the contractor perhaps willing to listen to options that will resolve the matter. If the issues are of a relative minor nature, or few in number, a simple Consultant's Report will probably be adequate. Our office will discuss the technical Consultant's Report directly with the contractor on your behalf if required.

If possible, we recommend the dispute be resolved at this early stage and not proceed to the next costly stage of tribunal or court.

Contact us to get a free sample VCAT Report and free booklet on dispute and litigation.



Courts and tribunals are regarded as a last resort to resolve a building dispute. Sometimes there is no other way. No one is talking or allowed on site.

We specialise in a sensitive and responsive approach to both parties in dispute. We always aim to resolve the matter out of court.

At the same time we have a very high success rate both in the magistrate's court and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

If your dispute proceeds to a hearing, we provide you with a VCAT compliant report and can appear on your behalf as an expert witness if required.

In our experience, once the contractor is presented with a VCAT compliant legal document, positive action follows very quickly without the case proceeding any further.

Please contact our office on 1300 558 119 for more information on dispute resolution or litigation and how we may be able to help you resolve your building dispute.