VCAT Reports and Expert Witness Reports

Why you need to get a VCAT report

If you are in the unfortunate position where you have a dispute with a builder or contractor, Just Inspections can help.


A dispute is best resolved in the early stages of the disagreement, as lines of communication are still open and the builder or contractor may be willing to listen to options that will resolve the matter. If possible, we recommend the dispute be resolved at this early stage and not proceed to the next costly stage of tribunal or court.


If the issues are relatively minor, or there are only a few issues, a simple Consultant's Report may be adequate.  Contact us if you'd require our office to discuss the technical Consultant's Report directly with the contractor on your behalf.


In situations where you need to present the case through legal means such as the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), an expert witness or expert opinion report will be required to support your VCAT application.




What a VCAT report or expert witness report includes

Just Inspections have Melbourne building inspectors available who can present expert opinions and evidence to VCAT.  The two ways expert evidence can be presented to VCAT includes:


Written VCAT Report

An inspector is able to prepare an extensive VCAT legal document that outlines the defect/s being disputed, that covers the facts and provides an expert opinion relating to the issue/s. 


VCAT Expert Witness

Just Inspections are also able to attend your VCAT hearing as an expert witness. Our inspectors have the required specialist qualifications, knowledge and experience to present evidence at VCAT. As an expert witness, we have duty to VCAT to provide factual and unbiased evidence, and will therefore not advocate for you as such.  However, our knowledge and experience is highly valuable in supporting a particular point of view.




Benefits of getting a VCAT report or expert witness report with Just Inspections

Just Inspections specialise in a sensitive and responsive approach to both parties in the dispute. Whilst we aim to resolve matters out of court, we have a very high success rate both in the magistrate's court and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).


If your dispute proceeds to a hearing, we provide you with a VCAT compliant report and can appear on your behalf as an expert witness if required. In our experience, once the contractor is presented with a VCAT compliant legal document, positive action follows very quickly without the case proceeding any further.




VCAT Report Frequently Asked Questions

How much are VCAT Reports?

VCAT reports or expert witness reports will vary depending on the nature of the defect/s being disputed and the amount of time required to prepare the VCAT report or act as the expert witness at the court hearing.


What does Just Inspections need to complete a VCAT report?

To ensure Just Inspections can best support you in your VCAT report, useful information will be:

  • The defect/s or issue/s that are being disputed
  • The parties involved in the dispute
  • The date of the VCAT hearing (if applicable)
  • The deadline for submitting the VCAT report or expert evidence for the hearing
  • Any supporting or relevant documentation related to the defect/s or issue/s

Can Just Inspections complete DBDRV reports?

Yes - Just Inspections are able to complete reports for Domestic Building Dispute Resolutions Victoria (DBDRV). In most disputes between a builder a home owner, you will be required to lodge a case with DBDRV before going to VCAT. DBDRV is a free conciliation service that is supported by expert building advisors and designed to help resolve domestic building disputes quickly and fairly. 




VCAT Reports and Expert Witness Reports

A VCAT dispute can sometimes be stressful and difficult to resolve. Having an independent expert third party such as Just Inspections can minimise the stress and enable the process to remain fact based


Contact us to get a free sample VCAT Report, a free booklet on dispute and litigation, and more information how we may be able to help you resolve your building dispute.