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Why you should get a pre purchase inspection

Just Inspections can help you take the worry out of buying real estate and allow you to make an informed buying decision with a building inspection report before you purchase the property.

Whilst you may be in love with your dream property which looks beautiful at face value – there may be hidden dangers beneath the surface. The only way to be truly sure is with a comprehensive building inspection report.

When you’re spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on a property, a building inspection is well worth the investment. Property is the biggest purchase of your life, and making an uninformed purchase can be costly and stressful.

What a pre purchase inspection includes

Pre purchase inspection reports are available for homes that are less than 30 years old. Our typed pre purchase reports are fully documented to Australian Standard 4349.1.

We inspect all the accessible structural elements of the house including:

  • floors
  • walls
  • electrics
  • plumbing
  • ceilings
  • the roof
  • trees
  • carpentry
  • joinery
  • roof cavities
  • floor cavities
  • garden sheds
  • pool fences
  • fences
  • paving
  • windows
  • doors
  • pet doors
  • gutters
  • decks
  • ventilation
  • insulation
  • security and locks

Just Inspections will list all the damage we find in detail, from minor damage to significant structural issues.

We will document any major problem we find, and to support the pre purchase inspection report, we include extensive digital photographs so you can see the issues we have identified first hand.

Cheap pre purchase inspection alternatives

If your property is more than 30 years old, or you don’t need the full detail of a written pre purchase inspection report, Just Inspections are able to complete a verbal building inspection which is a great budget friendly and cheap pre purchase inspection solution.

Just Inspections will complete the exact same detailed inspection where we still inspect all structural items and undertake a full condition audit. You will still be informed of any structural or building integrity problems, however you will not have the extra cost of a written report.

Verbal pre purchase inspection reports can be especially handy if you are bidding at auction. If you have already signed a contract on the property, we will still outline any major structural defect we find in writing for you, so that you may cancel the contract if required at no extra cost.

A qualified inspector will complete the pre purchase building inspection of your property and can call you for a post inspection briefing. Alternatively, you’re welcome to join the inspector and walk through the inspection with us so we can explain any issues to you in person as we find them.

Benefits of getting a pre purchase inspection with Just Inspections

For your peace of mind, Just Inspection building inspections are fully covered by public indemnity insurance.

Our Melbourne Building Inspector will assess all accessible areas of your property including:

  • Decks
  • Carports / garages
  • Extensions
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Full house renovations
  • Driveways
  • Tiling
  • Fences
  • Sheds
  • Retaining walls

Some common building defects identified include:

  • Ground level under house lower than external paving or landscaping
  • Insufficient freeboard to floor slab (AS 2870)
  • Insufficient clearance under windows (BCA 3.3)
  • Incorrect, missing or unsealed vertical articulation joints. (BCA
  • No safety glass
  • Scoring of metal valley flashings
  • Non-compliance of stairs
  • Sticky windows and doors

Pre purchase inspection Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to check specific areas?

Yes – whilst Just Inspections pre purchase reports are thorough, if there are particular concerns that you have with the property you are interested in, please let us know and we will make sure we more closely scrutinise the areas of concern.

How long will it take to get a pre purchase property inspection?

Just Inspections are typically able to be at the property to complete the pre purchase inspection within 48 hours. A written pre purchase building inspection report will then be provided the next business day after the inspection.

Can you complete a property inspection if the property is furnished?

Yes – we will do all we can to check behind furniture and appliances to see if there are any problems or areas of concern hidden behind them.

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A pre purchase building inspection can cost as little as a couple hundred dollars, but save you thousands of dollars. It will reduce the stress of making such a significant financial investment so you can focus on enjoying the purchase of your new home, or investment property.

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The report came through promptly which allows us to proceed with the sale of our property, and the price was reasonable!

Again thank you! We would recommend your service to anyone in a similar situation to ourselves.


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