Pre-Purchase Inspections

For peace of mind

Let Just Inspections take the worry out of buying real estate. Your dream property may look beautiful, but hidden dangers may lurk beneath the surface.

The only way to be truly sure is with a comprehensive building inspection report.

When you're spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, a building inspection is well worth the investment. It's the biggest purchase of your life, and getting it wrong can be costly and stressful.

You can make informed buying decisions with a building inspection before you purchase.


Full Written Reports

Pre-purchase typed reports are fully documented to Australian Standard 4349.1. We include many digital photographs so you can see first-hand the issues we have identified.

Reports are available for homes less than 30 years old.

We inspect all the accessible structural elements of the house including:


  • floors
  • walls
  • electrics
  • plumbing
  • ceilings
  • the roof
  • trees
  • carpentry
  • joinery
  • roof cavities
  • floor cavities
  • garden sheds
  • pool fences
  • fences
  • paving
  • windows
  • doors
  • pet doors
  • gutters
  • decks
  • ventilation
  • insulation
  • security and locks


We list all damage we find in detail: from minor damage to significant structural issues, we will document any major problem we find with photographs and a detailed report.


Want us to check specific areas? Just let us know your concerns and we will closely scrutinise the issue.


We're fast. We can usually be there within 48 hours. And a typed report is forwarded the next business day after the inspection.


What if the property is furnished? As much as possible, we check behind furniture and appliances to see if problems are hiding there.


Click here to download a sample Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report in PDF format 500KB


Click here for a free quotation for us to inspect your new property.


Verbal Reports: A Budget Solution

If you don't need the full detail of a written report, or if your property is more than 30 years old, a verbal inspection is a great budget-friendly solution.

We will still perform exactly the same detailed inspection and you will still be informed of any structural or building integrity problems without the extra cost of a written report. This is especially handy if you are bidding at auction. If you have already signed a contract on the property, we will still put any major structural defect we find in writing for you, so that you may cancel the contract if required...there is no extra cost for this service.


Walk through the inspection with us. A qualified inspector will still undertake a thorough assessment of your property. You can join us on the inspection so we can explain any issues we find to you in person. Otherwise, we can call you for a post inspection briefing.

Inspections for verbal reports are conducted on the same basis as for written reports. So we still inspect all structural items and undertake a full condition audit.


Termite and Pest Inspections

Together with a building inspection, a termite inspection is highly recommended.

We have a separate, qualified Pest Inspector attend with our Building Inspector to thoroughly check for pests, borers and vermin to Australian Standard AS 4349.3.

For your peace of mind building and termite inspections are fully covered by public indemnity insurance.